Energy Forum

MEPA together with ICEM (Institution of Certified Engineers Malaysia) and EIM (Energy Institute Malaysia) welcomes everyone to our first (1st) Energy Forum this year.

The topics that will be covered are ;

  1. Proposed Electrical Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA) ;
  2. Government Funded Energy Audit – Safety and Reliability Implication and ;
  3. Safety of Solar PV System installed in Malaysia.

The speakers for the forum are ;

  1. Dato’ Mohsen-MEPA President ;
  2. Mr. S. Murugiah-ICEM President and ;
  3. Prof. Ir. Dr. P. Kumaran-UNITEN.

These esteem speakers have years of experience in energy related activities and have extensive exposure in participating as key stakeholders on advising government in energy related policies and regulations.

Come joint us for this free event which will be on 29 September 2018 at WISMA BU8. Please refer brochure for details.