Membership Benefits
  • MEPA has established a database of energy professionals and experts involved. These members have vast experience and expertise in the various areas of the energy field. This has created a platform for members to discuss and share their knowledge on energy related matters. This membership database will also facilitate networking among members which in turn will enable them to pursue and tap business prospects in the energy field.
  • The association will serve as a focal point and channel of communication with the Government on matters related to energy, providing recommendations that may be considered by the Government in its policy, regulations and planning processes. This opens up an avenue for members to express collective views on energy related issues to regulators and decision makers.
  • MEPA’s intended training courses and seminars will serve to facilitate and upgrade the knowledge and awareness of its members. Various training courses will be developed and offered to members to enable them to upgrade their skills in the energy management field and the energy discipline in general.
  • Numerous newsletters and publication is also being developed by experts within the association to update members on the latest happenings in the energy sector and also to upgrade the knowledge and skills of members.

Type of Membership

The membership of MEPA is open to all Malaysian citizens above the age of 21 years regardless of gender, race and religion. Membership is also open to Malaysian registered companies and associations.

The different classes of membership:

  • Energy Professionals
  • Ordinary Member (Individual)
  • Ordinary Member (Corporate)
  • Associate Member
  • Student Member

Fee Structure

Entrance Fees: RM 50 (RM25 for Student Member only)

Annual Fees:

  • Energy Professionals  – RM 150
  • Ordinary Member (Individual) – RM 50
  • Ordinary Member (Corporate) – RM 500
  • Associate Member – RM 50
  • Student Member – RM 25